"Hallelujah" has been performed by almost 200 artists in various languages 
and venues around the world. The song has become a spiritual anthem and 
undoubtedly the best-known work of Lenord Cohen. Cohen's view was that 
"many different hallelujahs exist" and his opinion is reflected in 
the wide range of covers, which do indeed exist.  But perhaps there is
none so unique as that of Alfred St. John and the talented musicians
of the Dynamic Recording Studio that contributed to this project.
Alfred's arrangement and rendering of this iconic hymn with the traditional 
instruments of the Caribbean is inspirational and unique. The project was 
exceptionally challenging on multiple levels,
but the result testifies to the talent, 
ingenuity, and dedication of all involved.  
We think you will agree.  Enjoy

Writen By 

Brian Reed

Dedicated to Leonard Cohen and Jackie Elliott Kaspersin
Alfred St'John - Steel Drums
Jerry Brongo - Keyboards
Bonnie Abrams - Vocals
Kristen Shinner Mc Quire - Drums / Percussion
Tom Martin - Guitar
Chuck Parnell - Bass