The Trinidad and Tobago Steelband, under the leadership of
Alfred St. John, has been performing throughout Western New
York and Canada and beyond! since 1972.  Alfred formed the
group to share the exciting musical heritage of Trinidad and
Tobago, and at present there are five core members.  Their
instruments are drums, bass guitar, cello pans, double tenor
pans, double second pans, and soprano (lead) pan. Along with
these instruments, there are many other percussives used
on the recordings, and in person, and one or more vocalists
accompany the band to live performances. All combine to
provide an innovative program of island favorites and
popular tunes performed in the special tropical way! These
accomplished musicians have been associated with steel
pans an average of twenty plus years each. And occasionally,
guest panists are invited to perform with the group at special
concerts and recording sessions. For concerts, festivals,
weddings, corporate events, anniversaries, bat and bar mitzvahs,
and any occasion that should be special, the Trinidad & Tobago
Steelband has a combination of performers perfectly suited
to any event.

About The Steel Pans

Steel drums, or pans, are a family of musical instruments
made from 55 gallon oil drums (pounded into a concave form)
and struck with rubber padded mallets. Originating on the
island of Trinidad during the 1940s, the first steel drums 
were purely percussive. Pans have since developed into lead
melody instruments; highly prized by the music world, and
sought after for their rich, mellow tones and versatile
harmonies.  Cello pans, double second pans, double tenor
pans, and soprano (or lead) pans are all heard on these 
These fine instruments were expertly crafted by
Michael Enoch, Henroy Harper, and Ellie Mannette.

Alfred St. John's Trinidad & Tobago Steelband is available 
to play the music of the Caribbean as well as traditional and 
contemporary hits for festivals, weddings, corporate events, 
and any occasion that should be special!
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